Skip’s Bio

Skip is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Growing up as a kid, he enjoyed standing in front of the studios of KQV Radio, watching the AM personalities do their show from their store front window in the heart of the city. Not only was he fascinated with the behind the scenes aspect of radio, he dreamed of someday working In the business. In the years that followed, Skip went on to pursue his goals. After graduating from high school, he began working as a disc jockey for a national chain of nightclubs. From there, he began doing free lance work. In 1981, Skip did something that very few people his age had the ambition and desire to do…he applied to the FCC and built a small market FM radio station in the town of Kane, Pennsylvania. In the course of his venture, he learned the ropes of the broadcast business. He sold advertising, produced commercials, ran a board shift, and managed the day-to-day operations of the station.

While still young and so much to live for, Skip later sold the business and moved with his family to Atlanta, Georgia. Wanting to walk in his grandfather’s footsteps, Skip began a law enforcement career with the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office. As he grew through the ranks, the Sheriff quickly took note of his long developed communication skills and appointed him Public Information Officer of the largest law enforcement agency in the state. For several years, he worked with local and national news agencies and appeared in numerous episodes of the nationally syndicated “Judge Hatchett” show. Skip is also a state certified law enforcement training instructor.

Since retiring from law enforcement, Skip has worked behind the scenes in television news.

In pursuing his career as a voice artist, Skip obtained coaching from nationally recognized voice artist and voice coach Julie Williams.

Skip is an avid outdoorsman who loves to go camping. When not in the studio, he enjoys spending time at home with his several adopted pets.